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Rug Masters is proud to offer a Stain Protector that will help keep your rugs looking their best for years to come. Our advanced and proven formula provides superior protection against dirt, spills, and stains. With 40 years of experience and hundreds of happy customers, you can trust our IICRC Certified Rug Cleaning Technicians to provide the highest quality service with nearly 150 five-star reviews. Protect your investment today and enjoy worry-free cleaning with Rug Master’s Stain Protector.

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We at Rug Masters understand how frustrating it can be to try and protect your rugs from stains. That’s why we offer our Stain Protector service, which helps prevent spills and other messes from setting in and ruining your rug. Our experienced staff are able to apply a protective coating that will help keep your rug looking its best for longer. All of this is done with the same reliable, trustworthy, and professional attitude that has made us one of San Bernardino’s leading rug cleaning services.

Why Choose Rug Masters?

At Rug Masters, we know how important it is to keep your rugs clean and looking great. With our Stain Protector service, you can be sure that any spills or messes will be taken care of quickly and effectively. Our IICRC Certified Rug Cleaning Technicians have decades of experience and are trusted by hundreds of satisfied customers. We take pride in providing reliable, trustworthy and professional services and back them up with nearly 150 five-star reviews. So when it comes to keeping your rugs clean and protected from stains, trust Rug Masters!

FAQs for Stain Protection

What is ‘Stain Protector’?

‘Stain Protector’ is a special product we use to protect your rug from future stains.

How does ‘Stain Protector’ work?

‘Stain Protector’ works by forming a protective barrier over your rug’s fibers, creating a shield that resists dirt, water, and other substances.

How often do we need to use ‘Stain Protector’?

We recommend using ‘Stain Protector’ every 6 months to keep your rug looking its best.

Is ‘Stain Protector’ safe to use on my rug?

Absolutely! ‘Stain Protector’ is non-toxic and safe to use on all types of rugs.

What makes ‘Stain Protector’ different from other protectants?

‘Stain Protector’ is specially formulated to provide superior protection against dirt and other substances without discoloring or damaging the fibers of your rug.

We handle any area rugs with care & expertise: we are your San Bernardino Stain Protector rug cleaning whisperers

Oriental rugs, Turkish rugs, Persian rugs, and rugs that are in need of cleaning, we can provide exemplary top-shelf rug cleaning services that will literally have you saying ‘Wow!’

Experience the True Power of Trust with Rug Masters in San Bernardino!

Do you want to protect your carpets and rugs from stubborn stains? Have you been searching for a trustworthy rug cleaning service that will give you peace of mind? Look no further, because at Rug Masters we use the power of trust to provide superior stain protection. Our nearly 150 5-star reviews speak volumes about our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

We understand how important it is to keep your home looking its best. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure your carpets are properly cared for. Our experienced cleaners use only the highest quality products and techniques, making sure each job is done right the first time. With our thorough and reliable services, you can be confident knowing your floors will remain spotless and beautiful for years to come.

Protection from Spills with Stain Protector

Nobody wants to find themselves dealing with pesky stains after spilling something on their carpet or furniture. Fortunately, Stain Protector can provide the perfect solution for any potential messes. With its innovative formulation, it repels spills and prevents them from penetrating deep into fabrics, making clean-up easy.

Whether you’re having a family gathering or hosting a party, Stain Protector keeps your carpets safe from all kinds of accidents. It’s designed to be used as a pre-treatment before guests arrive, so you won’t have to worry about any unfortunate mishaps ruining your event. Plus, it works equally well on both upholstery and rugs, so you don’t need to use different products depending on the type of fabric.

Finally, Stain Protector is incredibly simple to apply – just spray it onto the area that needs protection and you’re done! You also don’t have to worry about the product leaving behind any residue or discoloration, since it dries completely clear. So if you want peace of mind when it comes to preventing spills, Stain Protector has got you covered.

Why Is Stain Protector Important for Rug Cleaning?

We know that your rug is a big investment and you want it to last as long as possible. That’s why having a good stain protector applied to the fibers of your rug is so important. Not only does it make cleaning up accidents easier, but it also helps protect against dirt and dust particles from getting ground into the fibers and causing premature wear and tear. It makes rug washing a lot less intense. In fact, recent studies have shown that rugs with stain protection can last up to twice as long as those without!

So, what are some benefits of using stain protection on your rug? Here are 3:

    • It makes spills and messes easy to clean up without leaving any residue or damage.

    • It creates an invisible barrier between the fibers of your rug and dirt, dust, and allergens.

    • It preserves the colors in your rug and prevents fading due to sun exposure.

Why Should We Protect Our Oriental or Specialty Rugs With Stain Protector?

At Rug Masters, we understand the value of your investment in an Oriental or specialty rug. That’s why we highly recommend protecting it with a protector that will keep your rug looking clean and fresh for longer periods of time. Not only does this make it easier to blot up any spills or pet accidents before they become stains, but you’ll also get much better results when you do have your rug professionally cleaned.

We have several stain protectors available that are designed specifically for different types of fibers. And if that wasn’t enough of a bonus, we offer free pickup and delivery so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home! So don’t wait – protect your investment today with Rug Master’s quality stain protectors.

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