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Area rug cleaning & restoration done right! Rug Masters is a state-of-the-art carpet cleaning company that specializes in all types of rug fiber & rug materials. Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, Turkish rugs, wool rugs, we can extract dirt, pet stains and remove odor. We know how to care for your valuable heirloom area rugs! We are the best rug cleaners. We are highly specialized carpet cleaners.

Free pick-up & delivery included. We have a special rug drying room where we hang your freshly cleaned rug to dry. We do not hang your rugs out in the sun to dry, where fading can occur!! Each step is well thought through and is completed as a regiment by our well-trained staff of cleaning specialists. We also offer area rug repair & restoration, call us for an estimate!

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Rug Cleaning Services by Rug Masters

Since 1992, we have been the go-to expert area rug cleaners in Southern California. We offer FREE pickup & delivery!

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San Bernardino Rug Cleaning Facility

We are centrally located in San Bernardino right off of Interstate 10. We will come out to pick up & deliver your valued area rugs. You do not need to waste your time bringing your area rugs down to us to have them cleaned.

Carpet Cleaning

Our proprietary, completely safe area rug cleaning process is precisely the type of professional rug cleaning that your precious heirloom rug needs. Our hot water extraction cleaning procedure is performed by trained technicians; all of them have become certified technicians. Save the time & give us call! We will be over to pick up your area rug, clean it, and deliver it back to you. We are the original Socal Rug Masters.

Rug Masters cleans your precious heirloom rugs in full-immersion water, designed to be gentle while proving to be quite effective cleaning agents.

Proper Care and Expertise are Super Important!

Whether you have a stain that has destroyed your area rug or its just needing a little extra ‘tender-loving’ care, Rug Masters is ready to breathe new life into your area rug at a very good price in a timely manner. Not all area rugs are the same. They have different characteristics that dictate how they are cleaned—one size does not fit all!

At Rug Masters, each area rug is handled individually, and we adapt our unique cleaning processes to each rug. Textiles, tapestries, and wall hangings, require careful hand-cleaning and care to extend their life and structural integrity.

It doesn’t matter the problem to be solved, from rug repair to over-dyeing to rug re-sizing to stain removal of the most stubborn stains to professional cleaning, we deliver.

Don’t let just any carpet cleaner attempt to clean your family heirloom.
Rug Masters is your area rug cleaning & restoration experts
Nobody is made of money; our area rug cleaning services are affordable
A stained area rug can be an visual nuisance to your home or even a health hazard. If your area rug has an ‘odor’ that is uninviting, your rug has overstayed its welcome

As a family company, customer satisfaction is the name of our game. We believe a rug cleaning company should take the time to understand the piece completely before in-barking on a cleaning with a one size fits all approach. Quality rugs are not all the same, so they deserve individual attention to detail.

Rug Cleaning San Bernardino

About Rug Masters

Very few rug technicians can bring our level of rug fiber expertise and a core focus for customer service that we do every single day.

For nearly 40 years, Rug Masters has been cleaning, repairing, and restoring area rugs back to their former glory. We do not mess around with fly-by-night methods. Our certified, specially trained rug experts that work in our cleaning facility in San Bernardino, CA can breathe new life into your valued area rugs. 

It doesn’t matter if you need Persian rug cleaning, or Oriental rug cleaning, due to the fact that we are a premier customer-happiness driven professional carpet cleaning service we have the experience & expertise to remove stains, resurrect crushed rug fibers from years of foot traffic, our rug cleaning process delivers a fantastic job, every time. We have a process that can almost literally ‘scare’ dust, dirt, grime, and all manner of alien material away from your heirloom area rug. It is a process that oriental rug owners have come to depend on.

As a family business, we take pride in being an environmentally-friendly rug washing service, and we make certain that your area rug is chemical-free.  In most cases, it is possible to use the same rug cleaner for a large part of multiple years without having to refit carpets. Especially when you use safe procedures such as rug steam cleaning. The only time this is not likely is when the carpet is soiled heavily and needs to be replaced immediately.  Rug washing is not just for dirt and dust. 

Rug Masters also takes care of spills, pet hair, and other ridges and creases in the rug that can be difficult to clean on your own. Rugs should be professionally cleaned every six months to keep them looking their best and protect them from wear, tear, and allergens. Also a custom rug pad should always be used to ensure the longevity of the rug. A reputable oriental rug cleaning service should be able to make your area rugs look, feel and smell exactly as they did when they were brand new.

Full-immersion Rug Wash

Our full immersion carpet cleaning services create immense value for our customers. We are not just a carpet cleaning company, we are a premier full-immersion wool rug cleaning service that takes specialized care to perform rug repairs & complete mold, mildew, dust, dirt, and odor removal in a way that will protect the integrity of your rug’s fibers.

Peace of mind is knowing your rug is getting the best care ever!

Rug Masters is Southern California’s premier expert rug cleaning service able to handle the dirtiest of rug cleaning jobs. No matter you are located, from Rancho Cucamonga to Cabazon, Corona to Lake Arrowhead, we will come to pick up your rug, clean it, and deliver it back to you at no additional charge. No matter what debris, dirt, bacteria, soil, or any other alien material may be hampering your area rug’s original shine, Rug Masters is able to breathe new life into your valued area rugs.

Modern Rug Cleaning Facility

Professional area rug cleaning at our state-of-the-art cleaning facility. Dedicated to washing & hang drying the highest quality handmade area rugs.

The rug cleaning process can be a daunting task for the average person, let alone someone who is not experienced in this type of work. That’s why it’s important to turn to an oriental rug cleaning company that knows what they’re doing. We here at Rug Masters, located in San Bernardino, are experts at this process and will take care of your rug with precision and care. We will use a proprietary cleaning process that includes the right tools and techniques to get deep down into the fibers and remove all the dirt, dust, pet dander, and debris that has built up over time. Then it is moved to our special rug drying room, where it will be hung to completely dry. We are the best in the rug cleaning industry in Southern California.

Rugs are often one of the most overlooked pieces of furniture in a home. They can become stained and matted over time, making them difficult to clean and requiring special care. When it comes time to clean your rugs, it is important to choose a properly trained rug cleaning company with the experience necessary to get the job done right. By choosing the right company, you can rest assured that your floors are in good hands and will be cleaned properly.

Rug Masters is Southern California’s premier expert rug cleaning service able to handle the dirtiest of rug cleaning jobs. No matter what debris, dirt, bacteria, soil, or any other alien material may be hampering your area rug’s original shine, Rug Masters is able to breathe new life into your valued area rugs. As experienced area rug cleaners, we can literally provide great customer service at a good price.

Certified Technicians – Rug Care Professionals

Professional area rug cleaning at our state-of-the-art rug cleaning facility that drives customers’ happiness through our proprietary deep cleaning methods. Dedicated to rug washing & hang drying the highest quality handmade area rugs. We Clean & Repair:

Happy Area Rug Cleaning Customers

We appreciate all the many area rug cleaning customers that we’ve been able to provide exemplary cleaning services for. Below are just a couple of kind words from our happy customers.

Great company and great service. Thank you to Matthew, the owner, who serviced the cleaning of our oriental area rugs like a pro! Rug Masters picked up our rugs from our home, cleaned the rugs & repaired the fringe, then brought them back looking more beautiful than I remembered! The rugs are beautiful family heirloom oriental rugs passed down through the generations! We are very pleased & highly recommend Rug Masters for your area rug cleaning! 🙂
Thank you so much to Rug Masters for an EXCELLENT cleaning on our Karastan Oriental area carpets! Rug Masters' oriental rug washing service was amazing for us! We also appreciate your free pick-up & delivery service! 🙂 We had one large room-size rug and two smaller area rugs that not only are valuable but have great sentimental value as well! When you delivered the rugs back to us and we laid them out WOW are they beautiful!! The colors were more vibrant than we had ever remembered, they look and feel great!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOUR SERVICES!!!
Veteran Owned Business located in San Bernardino CA