Rug Pads

by Rug Masters

Custom-cut rug pads for your treasured area rugs!

  • No Odor
  • No Off-Gassing
  • Completely Non-Allergenic
  • Washable
  • 100% Recycled Materials

Every rug needs a custom-cut rug pad

Rug Masters’ custom-cut rug pads are the best in the industry. With our commitment to delivering only the most effective rug cleaning services, rug repair services, and products that help your area rug shine, it should not be a surprise to our customers when we recommend these rug pads for all of our customer’s area rugs.

Yellow No Latex Rectangle
Our promise!

100% Zero rubber/latex

So many people aren’t aware of the issue that latex can be. We promise to provide all of our custom rug pad customers with a 100% zero rubber/latex custom-cut rug pad.

Read an article entitled “Current prevalence rate of latex allergy: Why it remains a problem?” from the March 16th, 2020 edition of the Journal of Occupational Health.

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