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We own and operate Rug Masters, a dedicated rug cleaning facility in San Bernardino with our pick up and delivery service catering to the entire Inland Empire.

We’re a professional rug and carpet care family, and yes we absolutely love what we do!

Our focus is on each individual rug cleaning customer:

We listen and learn because most of the rugs we clean have a story behind them, some are fantastic and historical reasons why a customer cherishes and loves their rug. Rug Masters never tires of hearing, please please, please take good care of my rug!

Rugs are not all the same:

We believe a rug cleaning company should take the time to understand the piece completely before in-barking on a cleaning with a one size fits all approach. Quality rugs are not all the same, so they deserve individual attention to detail.

We provide a top quality rug cleaning service that picks up and delivers right back where we found it. You will be thrilled, we promise!

We handle any area rugs with care & expertise: we are your rug cleaning whisperers

Oriental rugs, Turkish rugs, Persian rugs, and rugs that are in need of cleaning, we can provide exemplary top-shelf rug cleaning services that will literally have you saying ‘Wow!’

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Our Rug Cleaning Process

  1. We remove and pick up your rug, though not before we inspect it thoroughly with you so you receive the exact rug cleaning results you are looking for.
  2.  We remove dust before the rug cleaning begins, it is our mission to safely lift and remove any loose soil from the nap of your valued rug. We understand your rug is meaningful to you and in many cases is irreplaceable and valuable. We take this extra care so we are not washing dirt into the wool or natural fibers of your area carpet.
  3. Rug cleaning using submersion in water method to fully soak the wool area carpet. Rug Masters has the experience to ensure your Oriental, Persian or Chinese handmade wool rug is treated with the same love you would give it, using soft brushes, light pressure, gentle cleaners, conditioners and of-course, naturally the only way to really clean a wool or natural fiber rug is in a bath of water, to best renew rejuvenate your rug.
  4.  Now our oriental rug cleaning process really begins with cleaners and a rug cleaning machine designed specifically for wool Oriental rugs and Persian rugs. It has soft power bushes that spin counter of each other with light pressure as if being washed by hand, though more effective than hand rug cleaning and more cost effective. This process really loosens any left over soil or stubborn stains.
  5. The fringe is always done by hand and very carefully with light brushing of the carpet fringe and a sponge.
  6. We then completely rinse your cared for and valued wool rug with plenty of water to really clean your area carpet completely.
  7. Drying your Oriental rug after cleaning and rinsing is a key in the rug cleaning process and that is why we have one of the best rug cleaning facilities in Southern California and the Inland Empire. We have  heavily invested in a state-of-the art drying room at our rug cleaning facility to best care for your cherished investment. At our facility we have a 20 ft tall, power rug drying rack to raise your rug high above the ground and dry it in a best practice way that is perfect for your wool rug fibers.
  8. We then Deliver your area rug back to you and lay the rug down in its place in a timely manner.
Veteran Owned Business located in San Bernardino CA