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Rug Masters is a San Bernardino-based rug cleaning service, with 40 years of experience and hundreds of happy customers. Our IICRC Certified Rug Cleaning Technicians have the knowledge and expertise to provide expert Pet Urine treatment services. We use our dedicated rug cleaning facility and state-of-the-art technology to ensure that your rugs are thoroughly cleaned and free from pet stains. With nearly 150 5-star reviews, you can trust that we’ll do an excellent job. At Rug Masters, we strive to be trustworthy, reliable, and professional in all our services. Contact us today for a hassle-free Pet Urine treatment!

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At Rug Masters, we understand how difficult it can be to deal with pet urine in your rugs. That’s why we offer a comprehensive pet urine treatment service that will help you tackle the issue quickly and effectively. We use special cleaning products and techniques to remove all traces of pet urine from your rug safely and without damaging the fabric or fibers. With our reliable and trustworthy services, you can rest assured that your rugs will look as good as new again!

Why Choose Rug Masters?

At Rug Masters, we understand how stressful it can be when your pet has an accident on the rug. That’s why we are dedicated to providing a trusted and reliable service for treating pet urine in rugs. Our IICRC certified technicians have over 40 years of experience and use only the best methods and products for safe and effective cleaning. We’ve been helping hundreds of happy customers with their pet urine issues and have earned nearly 150 five-star reviews. So don’t wait – trust us at Rug Masters to take care of your pet urine problem today!

FAQs for Stain Protection

What is Pet Urine Treatment?

Pet Urine Treatment is a specialized rug cleaning service that we provide to remove pet urine and other odors from your rugs.

How do you perform the Pet Urine Treatment?

We use a combination of specialized cleaning solutions and advanced techniques to effectively remove pet urine from your rugs.

Is the Pet Urine Treatment safe for my rugs?

Yes, our Pet Urine Treatment is safe for all types of rugs and will not cause any damage.

How long does the Pet Urine Treatment take?

The Pet Urine Treatment usually takes about an hour, depending on the size and condition of your rug.

What are the benefits of the Pet Urine Treatment?

The Pet Urine Treatment will effectively remove pet urine and other odors from your rugs, leaving them looking and smelling like new.

We handle any area rugs with care & expertise: we are your San Bernardino Pet Urine Treatment rug cleaning whisperers

Oriental rugs, Turkish rugs, Persian rugs, and rugs that are in need of cleaning, we can provide exemplary top-shelf rug cleaning services that will literally have you saying ‘Wow!’

Get Reliable Pet Urine Treatment from Rug Masters in San Bernardino!

We know how important it is to have a reliable rug cleaning service that you can trust. That’s why at Rug Masters, we make sure to only hire IICRC Certified technicians who are experts in pet urine treatment. Our team of certified professionals has years of experience tackling the toughest stains and odors left behind by pets, so you can be sure your rugs will get the best possible care.

For example, one of our customers recently needed help with an old cat urine stain on their living room rug. After our technicians got to work, they were able to remove the stain entirely and restore the rug back to its original condition. The customer was thrilled with the results and couldn’t believe how effective our services were. We take great pride in providing this level of quality to all of our customers, no matter what kind of messes their pets may leave behind.

Odor Removal for Pet Urine Treatment

Removing pet urine odors can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are several odor removal methods that you can use to get rid of the smell in your home. The most important step is to identify the source of the odor and clean it up swiftly. This will help prevent any further damage or build-up of odors in the future.

One common method of eliminating pet urine odors is using an enzymatic cleaner. These products contain enzymes which break down organic matter such as pet urine. They work by targeting the bacteria and other materials in the urine and breaking them down into harmless components. When used correctly, these cleaners can effectively eliminate odors caused by pet urine.

Another useful technique to remove pet urine odors is to apply baking soda directly onto the affected area. Baking soda acts as a natural deodorizer and absorbs moisture from the air. To do this, sprinkle some baking soda on the spot where the urine was located. Allow it to sit overnight before vacuuming it up in the morning. Reapplying every few days may be necessary if the odor persists.

No matter which approach you choose for removing pet urine odors, regular cleaning and maintenance are key to ensuring that your home stays fresh and free from unpleasant smells. With the right techniques and products, you can successfully eliminate pet urine odors and restore your home’s comfort and appeal.

Ensuring proper cleaning utilizing our pet urine treatment will significantly reduce your need for moth pest treatment.

Why Is Pet Urine Treatment So Important?

At Rug Masters, we understand how important it is to properly treat pet urine stains on your rugs. Not only do they look unpleasant and cause odors, but they can also lead to permanent damage to the fibers of your rug if not taken care of correctly. We have over 40 years experience in treating pet urine stains, so you can trust us with your beloved rugs! Here are a few reasons why pet urine treatment should be taken seriously:

    • Pet urine can cause discoloration and fading of the dyes within your rug, which is irreversible without professional help.

    • If left untreated for too long, pet urine can seep into the foundation of your rug, leading to mold growth or an unpleasant odor that won’t go away.

    • Pet urine can also attract other pests such as dust mites and fleas, which can further damage your rug fibers.

    • Professional pet urine treatments can eliminate the stain, odor and any potential health risks associated with the issue.

At Rug Masters, we guarantee results when it comes to pet urine treatment. Our experienced staff can provide you with the best quality service to ensure that your rug looks good as new.

Get Rid of Pet Urine Odors and Stains with Rug Masters

No one wants to live in a home filled with pet urine odors and stains. That’s why so many people turn to the experts at Rug Masters for help. We are masters at eradicating pet puddle odors and can even be successful at reducing or eliminating many pet stains from your carpet. Our techniques use gentle products, specially formulated for your type of Oriental or Specialty Rug, so you know that your rug will stay looking beautiful for years to come.

Take for example our client Martha. She had just moved into a new home when she realized that her old tenants had left behind quite an odor-filled mess. Martha was ready to throw out her rugs until she heard about us. After we arrived at her door, we were able to get rid of all the musty pet smells in no time! Plus, our free pickup and delivery service made it easy for Martha to have her rugs professionally cleaned without any additional stress or hassle.

So if you’re looking for professional pet urine treatment services, look no further than Rug Masters. Our experienced team is here to provide expert cleaning solutions and make your space smell fresh again.

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